I decided to move my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll for a few reasons. I like the simplicity of Markdown, Jekyll is easily customized, and I’m forcing myself to use Git more and more these days which tends to be easier to do with Jekyll than Wordpress. Why am I trying to learn Git? Well, it makes my life easier, and I’m also looking to move into a Linux SysAdmin/DevOps type role. (wink-wink)

I used the wordpress-to-jekyll-exporter plugin found here to make this transition easier. I also used this theme and tweaked it as needed.

I’ve also moved the blog from DigitalOcean to Vultr. Vultr has Linux (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS), FreeBSD, CoreOS, and Windows available. They do have one-click application deployment like DigitalOcean, although not as many available. On top of that, you can upload your own custom ISOs as well.

Price wise Vultr is close to DigitalOcean, although with Vutlr’s $10/month plan you only get 20GB SSD instead of 30GB with DigitalOcean and no pre-configure Fedora option. However, Vultr offers a Windows option and custom ISO upload (like Luna Node) so it depends on what you’re looking for feature wise.