What I've Been Up To

I haven’t had the chance to update this in awhile (in over a year!). I moved the blog to Github Pages as it’s much easier to update/manage Jekyll this way. Also, I’ve had some major life changes and one of those was a new job after almost 5 years at the same company. It was difficult to leave a place I had worked for so long and also learned so much, however it was time for a change.

I’m no working for a large and well known tech company on their cloud infrastructure team, focusing on access and identity - which would be Active Directory, LDAP, SSL certificates, and also patching. I’ve been doing a lot of work around audits both providing information and remediation of vulnerabilities. I have luckily been able to do a lot of PowerShell scripting as well as still working with Linux. I’m also headed back to school full time at WGU in March for their Cloud and Systems Administraion degree. which I am excited to start.

2017 was an interesting and eventful year, hopefully 2018 will also be exciting!